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Concrete Admixture



Sodium gluconate is used for retarder in concrete, its another name is sodium of five hydroxyl acid,its molecular formula is C6H11O7Na, its molecular weight is 218.14, white or light yellow in powder, Easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether....
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Product shows a very good performance in concrete retarding, widely used in construction, washing, food and medicine. Along

with national construction volume increasing and quality request more and more strict, also with development of washing field, the consumption of sodium gluconate is sharp rising, showing great market potential use:

1) Used as concrete admixture. Proper dosage of sodium gluconate in cement can increase plasticity and strength of

concrete. Postpone the initial and final setting time of concrete. 2) Used in medicine. Balance acid-base of human body, to recover normal neurological function, base on the same objective, used in food additives. 3) Used as steel surface cleaning agent: when steel surface such as plating, chrome plating, nickel plating tine pot needs to

adapt to the special use, the slab surface are required to undergo a rigorous cleaning, to make the coating material and the

steel surface adhere firmly. At this time, add sodium gluconate to clean will achieve excellent effect. 4) Used as special cleaning agent for glass bottle: professional glass cleaning agents which use sodium gluconate as the

main formula can improve the following common problems: poor detergent effect, block nozzle and pipe of washing

machine, bad performance in cleaning rust dye in bottle label and bottle neck. Trace residues bad for food safety (such as

phosphate residues). washing water pollution. 5) Used in electroplating, film manufacturing and many other industrial fields. 6) Food industry: because it can effectively prevent the occurrence of low sodium syndrome, so it can be used as food

additive. 2. SPECIFICATION


Sodium Gluconate Surface White powder Solution Colorless

Smell Null Solid Content (%) ≥98%

Whiteness (%) ≥80% Drying Loss (%) ≤0.5

Reducing Substances (C3H12O6) ≤0.5 Chloride (CI-) (%) ≤0.07

Sulfate (%) ≤0.05 PH (10% Solution) 6.5~7.8

Heavy Metal (pb) mg/kg ≤10 Arsenic Salt (As) mg/kg ≤2

Surface White powder Solution

Colorless or light yellow, near clarification


1) Package:

Powder: 25kg woven bag with inner PE film or Jumbo bag available. Can also packed as customer’s request. 2) Storage:

Stored in a dedicated warehouse that is well-ventilated and dry. If product has damp and agglomerate, can be used after

crushed or dissolved into water, does not affect the use effects. One year warranty

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